Tips for a Key West Beach Photography Session

Are you about to do a Key West Beach or Tropical Photography Session? Here are a few suggestions to make the most out of your photos.

Relax! You are on vacation! These sessions are very laid-back, and I want your family to feel as comfortable and natural as possible!

What to wear. Here are a few of my favorites that look great in photos.

  • White is classic for beach portraits. Watch out though for creams or off-whites that will not look white on the beach or in your photos. Also watch for thin material. You don't want anything see-through.
  • Bright colors can be great too! I love bright corals, teals, purples and all shades of blue. However, try and keep everyone’s outfits in the same tonal range: light with light colors and bold with bold. Your family does not have to dress exactly alike in order to look connected, but as a rule of thumb, go with all light or all dark clothing.
  • Khaki for pants or shorts. Avoid the darker shades of beige as they will not blend as well with lighter shades


Go Barefoot! It just looks good, especially on the beach! Barefoot also avoids the potential problem of mismatched footwear.

milnes-129-2milnes-129-2 DO bring pets. They are a part of the family, too! Pets are required to be leashed in Key West, but we can briefly take them off for the portraits so that they are not visible.


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AVOID SUNBURNS before your session, as digitally editing or removing them costs extra. I recommend that you book the photo session within the first few days of your vacation, or before long hours of exposure to the intense southernmost sun.

Prepare for wind. Keep in mind that Key West is windy almost every day, especially at the beach! Expect your hair and or skirts to blow around, so choose wisely! Try and wear your hair up or pulled back for the shoot. This is especially important if you have shoulder-length or long hair. Use hair spray to hold it in place, even if you don’t normally.


No sunglasses. Remove your sunglasses well before you arrive for the session to allow your eyes to adjust to the brightness. This even applies to evening sessions. You will be able to open your eyes more easily without squinting. It will also avoid those red marks they can leave on your nose! However, at the end jamesononaplane-136jamesononaplane-136 of the shoot we can do some fun shots with sunglasses on if you like, so feel free to bring them with you. 


Manage hunger. Sunset is a great time for photos, but it's also about when you or your family might start getting hungry. We often have melt downs (adults included) for this very reason. Plan your meals ahead of time, or bring snacks to tide everybody over. 

Manage bathroom breaks. Some Key West locations do not have restrooms nearby, so make a pitstop before the shoot, especially if you have little ones. 

Most importantly, remember to come in to the session knowing it will be fun and relaxing. Your family is going to have a great time, and you will leave with vacation memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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