Josh and Joey- He Said Yes!

I have known Josh for years and could not wait to meet Joey on their Key West vacation this year. After they arrived in Key West the second I met Joey, I knew he was a perfect fit! Joey is such a genuine and kind person that brings a sense of balance. Josh is such a thoughtful and caring person so choosing him was also a good move, Joey! We went to Fort Zachary Taylor for couples photos and I though at any minute one of the guys were going to get down on one knee! It did not happen during our shoot but I think during these photos the idea was sparked! Not only do I love them dearly I am beyond excited to share this love story! 

From Josh: 

Our love story began by complete happenstance in 2015. Us being together could have easily never happened. But fate has a wondrous way about it, and finally brought us together in 2016. It was completely unexpected, but also something that felt very right. When I look into his eyes I just have to say there's a depth. This kind, caring, and loving soul I see into. I feel his emotions. They're genuine and true, and we're connected. His eyes stole my heart!

I lived in Key West for four years, and Joey's been visiting the island off and on since 2006.

In 2002 Joey's grandparents took his parents, aunts and uncles for a family getaway to Key West. Had that never happened so long ago our very chance of meeting just may have been missed. Joey's Mom and stepfather have been going to Key West yearly ever since. They're down there each June and October. Joey and I's shared connection to the island caused our paths to cross one fateful day, and the rest is history! Key West truly is a special place to us! A home away from home!  joeyandjoshkeywest2017-10joeyandjoshkeywest2017-10   joeyandjoshkeywest2017-1joeyandjoshkeywest2017-1   joeyandjoshkeywest2017-12joeyandjoshkeywest2017-12     joeyandjoshkeywest2017-19joeyandjoshkeywest2017-19   joeyandjoshkeywest2017-20joeyandjoshkeywest2017-20   joeyandjoshkeywest2017-26joeyandjoshkeywest2017-26   joeyandjoshkeywest2017-28joeyandjoshkeywest2017-28   joeyandjoshkeywest2017-35joeyandjoshkeywest2017-35   joeyandjoshkeywest2017-42joeyandjoshkeywest2017-42   joeyandjoshkeywest2017-50joeyandjoshkeywest2017-50   joeyandjoshkeywest2017-51joeyandjoshkeywest2017-51    

  joeyandjoshkeywest2017-71joeyandjoshkeywest2017-71 joeyandjoshkeywest2017-79joeyandjoshkeywest2017-79 joeyandjoshkeywest2017-85joeyandjoshkeywest2017-85 From Joey: So everyone knows we decided to go to Key West. That was our Christmas gift to each other this year. We stated and maintained this Christmas towards each other would be light and minimal come Christmas day. I believed that. Kept being reminded of it too. So Chicken and a Biscuit crackers with cheese, a 90 minute treatment at Massage Envy, a calendar, a waffle maker, and a home cooked breakfast was the extent of my gift giving. LOL!

Then it’s my turn to receive as we are sitting on a blanket on the floor around the tree. I start opening gifts and immediately I was like “Hey, Next year I am not listening to you.” LOL. As already I could tell this wasn’t as light of a Christmas as I was led to believe. Didn’t think much of it than that he just was getting a hoot out of tricking me. Then I received a box.

Now anyone who knows me, knows my obsession with scents and candles is to the extreme lol. Well I was opening a gift and pulling out the tissue paper and I could feel candles. I was immediately excited. There felt about 5 of them. YES! Candles. Win! As I unwrap the first candle however, as shown in the order that I grabbed and unwrapped them below, emotion completely flooded over me.

Crash, Matt, Seth, Nana and Pa, Us. I was already balling by the time I was done unwrapping these candles in this box. I thought this was one of the most thoughtful, heartfelt, and endearing presents I had ever received. To include some of the key people in my life who I have lost prior to be a part of our Christmas I thought was just so wonderful and clever. We hug. I collect myself. So then I am immediately presented with another box. I state “Okay babe I hope the emotion fest is over” while laughing through my bubbling cracking voice. I open the box. I can feel, it’s another candle.

I unwrap it from its tissue paper. And this is the last candle as you see below. I unwrap, turn it around and I read “I NEVER WANT THIS TO END – Joey, will you marry me?!” Emotion fest completely NOT over!! Josh grabs my arms speaks to me for a little bit so excited and then asks me to Marry him. “YES! YES!” We are both shaking at this point in complete excitement. I immediately am presented with two more gifts to conclude the proposal. With that, we were then engaged. Obviously excitement ensued, some dancing, laughter, and of course a toast of Champagne. I was seriously blindsided and loved every minute of it. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Excited so much for our future even more now.

Josh. I love you more than words can express. I am one lucky man, and you have truly have shown me life through different eyes, love from one of the truest hearts, and care from one of the most genuine, passionate, and stand up men I am lucky to have encountered. I am proud to be yours. 

Candle 1: MY NAME IS CRASH – And I love my two daddies!



Candle 2: MATT YOU’RE WITH ME – Wherever I go! Love, Joey xo


Candle 3: MAKING WAVES – Until I see you again brother.

Candle 4: NANA & PA ARE HERE – Whenever this candle is lit xo.


Candle 5: JOSH & JOEY – Key West Christmas 2017


Candle 6: I NEVER WANT THIS TO END – Joey, will you marry me?!



My goodness! Sweetest thing EVER, right!? :) Joey then opened a few more very thoughtful gifts from Josh! My advice, dont ever listen to him when he says he is going light for Christmas... Like ever... Again! 



Soon after the beautiful proposal happened the two of them went out and picked out the rings together! 


The energy and love these two have for each other is undeniable and the proposal story is just as cute as they are!  Love you guys and Happy NEW YEAR! 



Rose (mom) & Eric (stepfather)(non-registered)
Rachel...Amazing~ from the pictures to the story...This is truly BEAUTIFUL let the journey begin my boys. God Bless
Love, Mom & Eric
Joey Noberini II(non-registered)
Rachel. Thanks so much for everything. You are truly a remarkable person! Love you too!!! This is amazing <3 Your amazing!! We had so much fun doing the photo shoot. You are a true natural talent. I was so nervous thinking it would be awkward to pose and such. However the way you made us comfortable and natural for a shoot speaks volumes to your ability that you were connected with us through it all. And We LOVED that! We love you and miss you and can't wait to see you again soon!
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