Mr + Mrs Wylie Say I Do at Casa Marina

Congratulations to this super fun couple! After meeting while coaching their daughter's softball teams these two knew from the get go they were meant to be! Diana and Alexander were married at the beautiful Casa Marina on September 2nd, 2017! The day was filled with tears, laughter, wonderful food, and a heck of a good party!

They began the day with a gorgeous beach wedding performed by Steve Torrence. The couple was surrounded by their closest friends and modern day Brady Bunch Family! There are nine children between the two.The evening continued with decadent appetizers and dinner served by the Casa Marina. They dance through the evening and finished the night off with some sparklers and a ol' fashion September in Keys cool down... A jump in the pool! 

Cheers to you and your family! I wish you many years of happy tears! 

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Photographer: Rachel E Ligon

Assistant and Second Photographer: Jessica Paar Robb

Planner: Nicole at Simply You Weddings

Hair & Makeup: Lori Bolander Key West Hair and Makeup

Chair and Ceremony Rentals: Eventfully Yours 

Ceremony: Casa Marina

DJ and VIDEO: Jim and Joanna Copper Soundwave

Florist: Milan Event Floral and Decor

Officiant: Steve Torrence Key West Officiant 

Cake: Cakes by Karol


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