Ashley + Gary: Key West Fairytale Wedding

After being married for 20 and 22 years, respectively, Ashley Halsey and Gary Evans of Dallas met like many modern day couples do... online.  When Gary fell in love with Ashley, he told her that her life was about to change. Little did she know she would be traveling to Aspen, hunting alligators, deep sea fishing, and dancing until the wee hours in New York City with the love of her life. 

Gary purchased Ashley's wedding ring a month after their first trip. Though Gary realized Ashley was the one very early on, he was busy launching his latest company. He knew he wanted it to be special so when the time was right, Gary picked her up in a white horse-drawn Cinderella carriage and proposed to her at Lakeside Park in Dallas near candlelight. The couple returned to the carriage where Gary had another surprise waiting. He had secretly arranged with eighty of their closest friends and family to be waiting in the cigar room at Javier’s where they ate appetizers and drank in celebration of their engagement. 

Shortly after the engagement Gary had suggested a casual beach wedding at their home in Marathon, located in the Florida Keys. After considering the logistics of hosting the event at their home in six months time, post Hurricane Irma, it made more sense to move the venue to a location where guests had more dining, lodging and entertainment options for the rest of the weekend.  

The wedding day was filled with extraordinary detail executed beautifully by the vendors Ashley had selected. The set up was .... just WOW!  Stunning! A casual beach wedding turned in to a three day celebration! Ashley walked down the aisle at the exclusive Casa Marina  owned by Waldorf Astoria. Goga Denisov was flown in from Dallas to provide music and the other surprise hit of the wedding was a Junkanoo Band that escorted the couple after capturing oceanside sunset photos. No detail was spared by Lynn D’ Ascanio, JC, and Trinity with D'Asigner Events along with the other fabulous vendors like Marathon Florist and Decora Rentals involved with making this fairytale wedding a reality.

After the exciting shower of sparklers, the bride and groom and wedding guests were swept away from the Casa Marina in true Key West fashion on the Old Town Trolley to continue the celebration of the new Mr and Mr. Evans! 

Congratulations to this beautiful couple on their next exciting adventure of marriage! 

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Photographer: Rachel E Ligon

Assistant Photographer: Jessica Paar Robb

Videographer: Cineaverde

Wedding Coordinators: Lynn D’ Ascanio, JC, and Trinity  D'Asigner Events 

Hair and Makeup: Amber  Key West Hair and Makeup

Wedding Gown: Oleg Cassini

Floral and Decor: Marathon Florist

Ceremony- Reception Location: Casa Marina 

Officiant: Steve Torrence Key West Officiant 

Transportation: Old Town Trolley 

Cocktail Hour and Reception Music: Goga 

Party Starters: The Junkanoos 

Furniture: Decora Rentals 

Lighting/ Sound: PSVA

Photo Booth: Framed in the Keys 

Wedding Cake: Sweet Savannah's

Guest Transportation: Old Town Conch Tour Train

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