An "Around Key West" Photography Session Captures your Tropical Wedding Destination!

It may only be 4.2 square miles, but the island of Key West packs in a ton of character! From its quirky points of interest to its historic buildings, picturesque harbors to lovely beaches, the Conch Republic is full of places you won’t want to miss. 

Though it may seem difficult to pack in sightseeing during the whirlwind time surrounding your wedding, there is a way! A very popular option among couples tying the knot is what I call “Around Key West.” In addition to the photos taken during your ceremony and at your wedding venue, it’s a photography session that showcases the two of you with your tropical destination as the backdrop! 


clinesneakpeek-19clinesneakpeek-19 Here’s how it works: you and your partner and I cruise around Key West to capture photos at your favorite sights - hence the name! The Around Key West option is very flexible; we can schedule time on the big day itself, on a day before your wedding, or on a day after it! It's also an option for engagement shoots! The session can be brief and include just a few sights - perhaps the ones that are close to your wedding venue. Or, if you’d like to really showcase this island, we can take our time and make several stops! For many couples who opt for small, intimate weddings, the Around Key West session is the focus of their big day! 


If you choose this session for your wedding day, the timing is up to you (though I do love the evening for catching some beautiful sunset lighting). This is your day, and these will be your photos to cherish for a lifetime, so there are unlimited options to create your perfect Around Key West session! We can go before your ceremony as a part of your first look! Or, if you're waiting until the big moment to lay eyes on each other, we can go after the nuptials. This is also perfect timing if you're planning on a cocktail hour after your ceremony and before the reception. We'll zip off to take some breathtaking photos and be back in time for dinner!

As for the locations, did I mention this island has a ton of character? Just take a look some of my favorite spots for photos around Key West!

Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

Ft. Zach for short, this 87-acre park is full of idyllic scenery. First, there’s the red brick, Civil War-era fort itself. Its contemplative arches, spiral staircases, and impressive cannons make for jaw-dropping photos. The park’s beach is one of Key West’s best and perfect for sunset shots and romantic silhouettes. For the sure-footed, the nearby rocky outcropping can give your photos a rugged and adventurous flair. Finally, there are palm trees at the water’s edge to capture Key West’s tropical vibe, as well as paths through a pine grove for serene ambiance.


Key West Bight Marina

Located in Key West’s historic seaport, the marina can lend its many vessels as the setting for your photos! Especially if you two are nautical enthusiasts, the collection of sailboats and their towering masts make for romantic, stunning photos, especially during sunset! We can also capture an intimate moment of you two sitting or walking together on the dock.


Postcard Mural & Mac’s Sea Garden

The great thing about this spot is that there are several perfect backdrops within a few feet of each other! The postcard mural on the side of Cuban Coffee Queen is quintessential; couples often use a photo with this background for their wedding thank you notes! Next door is Mac’s Sea Garden, a shop with vivid buoys and a rustic wood exterior that are ideal for nautical-themed photos. Right on the corner is a vintage truck, and around the corner there’s a colorful signpost that shows the distance to a plethora of locations. Cuba’s only 90 miles away!

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B. O.’s Fish Wagon

About a block away from Mac’s Sea Garden is B. O.’s Fish Wagon, which provides not only delicious seafood but also a one-of-a-kind backdrop for photos! This down to earth, open-air shack looks like it was built by a very creative castaway fisherman. Another vintage truck, covered in stickers, completes the funky setting! 


The Key West Shipwreck Museum

This attraction commemorates a key part of the island’s history, and I love the building itself for photos in front of large rustic doors. The simple yet elegant background highlights the most important thing - you! There are several other fun backdrops here on Wall Street, including several kitschy shops and a landlocked replica of a wreckers sloop.



Higgs Beach Pier

Sand, sea, and sky meet at this picturesque pier! Especially if your wedding venue is the nearby Casa Marina, I love taking romantic photos at this location. You can walk along it, strike a pose, or even… jump off! Of course, we should probably plan ahead a bit if you’re interested in doing that!

dandywedding-435dandywedding-435 There are plenty more locations for taking photos that feature Key West’s island spirit! The above are just a few of my favorites, and if you’re interested in an Around Key West session, we can decide on your favorite landmarks as well as places that complement your wedding’s theme. I can’t wait to work with you on capturing these treasured tropical memories!