Miller + Bryson: Stunning Key West Wedding

Miller and Bryson met through work at a law firm. The two quickly became best friends. It wasn't until Bryson kissed Miller at midnight on New Years Eve that a romantic relationship blossomed. 

"It's cheesy but we were definitely meant to be- we've been just a few degrees apart our whole lives until we finally met at the perfect time!"

The couple were engaged to be married in May at Miller's family cottage on Old Hickory Lake. The cottage backs up to the water and has a spectacular view of the lake. They bought it shortly after her family's first visit to Key West. Since then, they have had their own Sunset Celebration whenever they are up at the lake. "We take a drink, go down by the bluff and watch the sunset as a family. We did this on May 27, and my parents mysteriously had to return up to the cottage. Bryson got up and said, "I see why this is your favorite place in the world, and I think it might become mine." Then he proposed! After we calmed down I turned around to see two of our best family friends taking pictures. We then went down to the marina where he had our closest friends and family waiting to celebrate."

It was no surprise Key West would be the perfect place to say I DO! The couple married at the gorgeous St. Mary's Star of the Sea where the bride wore Maria Elena Bishop by Romantic Creations Bridal and incorporated family heirlooms. Miller's veil and hair comb were made from her mother's wedding dress and the bride had a part of a dress that her grandmother made that wrapped around her bouquet. The bride also wore pearls from her late grandmother and carried a rosary &  prayer book that have been in her mother's family for several generations. The groom also had some special touches himself. Including one of the pocket new testaments his late grandmother used to give to people. Also custom made cuff links from MLB made from real baseballs. The bride and groom gifted special handkerchiefs for their mom's to use during the ceremony.

Every guest who attended was involved in the ceremony. Miller's two best friends, Ty Coleman and Kathleen Varallo were "flower girls." Lee's partner, Jared, was the official ring bearer and other attending guests had readings. Everyone was so tickled with their jobs.

Shortly after the ceremony, the reception followed at Old Town Manor where Milan Events set the stage for the most beautiful garden set up with greenery and white orchids. Just stunning. Other top notch vendors included Great Events Catering and Gipsy Williams from Enchanted Brides as the wedding planner! One of my favorite touches from the evening was Karen Beauprie, a fantastic local artist who painted the live reception.

The night could not have been more perfect. 

Congratulations to you and your families! Bryson, it's Miller time! 

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Photographer: Rachel E Ligon

Planner: Gipsy Williams

Bridal Suite : Old Town Manor

Wedding Gown: Maria Elena Bishop Romantic Creations Bridal  

Bridal Shoes: Jack Rodgers

Hair and Makeup: Studio Marie -Pierre 

Floral and Decor: Milan

Ceremony Location: St. Mary's Star of the Sea

Pastor: Father Pat Kibby

Reception Location: Old Town Manor

Caterer: Great Events 

Reception Live Painter: Karen Beauprie





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