Anna + Rajat Casa Marina Indian Infused Wedding

Anna Johnson and Rajat Kumar attended the same college and lived in the same dorm, but did not meet until they were in general surgery residency at Chapel Hill! 

Anna is admittedly a quiet introvert who describes Rajat as the life of the party, but says the two busy opposites instantly bonded and enjoy their time just relaxing! “We were always on call or working for most of our relationship, so we spent a lot of weekends doing absolutely nothing,” she said.

After being apart over a year, the surgeons in training were engaged in December 2018, despite a delayed flight and an initial Ring Pop proposal. Four months later, family and friends flew from all over the world to the stunning Casa Marina Resort for their wedding day, which was vibrant and charming down to every delicate detail.

American and Indian influences were woven into the wedding and the guests were as colorful as the garlands flown in from India. The Varmala Ceremony took place after the Baraat where Rajat was lead in to the ceremony with upbeat song and dance. Rajat made his way down the beach where he met his mother who applied tilak and performed aarti to rid him of any evil eyes cast upon him. As with tradition,  the groom then took his place at the Mandap and awaited Anna. The bride wore a stunning Willowby wedding gown and elaborate Henna tattoos which accented her hands and feet. Anna and Rajat choose to exchange their garlands where the bestowing of spiritual energies ultimately symbolizes the union of two souls in marriage

No detailed was spared and guests enjoyed a lovely cocktail hour followed by dinner, music, s’mores by the fire, and locally made Blue Heaven Key Lime Pie.

Congratulations to you and your families. May your many blessings continue. 

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Photographer: Rachel E Ligon

Assistant Photographer: Jessica Paar Robb

Videographer: Mark J Pierson Wedding Films

Planner: Nika and Katie Soiree Key West 

Wedding Gown: Willowby

Bridal Shoes: Badgley Mischka

Hair and Makeup: Bella Luxe Hair and Makeup

Floral and Decor: Milan Event and Floral

Ceremony and Reception Location: Casa Marina Resort

Ceremony Music: Keys Wedding Music Chris Thomas

Rentals: Eventfully Yours 

Cocktail Hour Steel Drums: Courtney Henry 

Reception DJ: Jimmy V Visualize Entertainment 

Cake: Key West Cakes 

Key Lime Pie: Blue Heaven

Lighting: PSAV


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