Stunning Fort Zachary Taylor Beach Wedding

Emma Lowe and Jason Siegel met in 2016 at the University of Cincinnati where Emma was studying abroad for a year. She had a class with Jason's housemate at the time and the two were introduced through him. It was a few months before Emma agreed to go on a date with Jason though, but he eventually won her over and they haven't looked back since! 

They love to run, exercise and hike together; they've done one half marathon and plan to do more in the future. They also both love to read and eat pizza while watching movies. ( She forces him to watch a lot of Nicholas Sparks movies with her!)

They are a very strong couple as they have survived three years of long distance and many months of military training with Jason. 

On Emma's birthday in December of 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland, the couple were engaged! Just the two of them went to Edinburgh for a few days to celebrate her birthday and New Year's Eve. Jason said he was going to propose at the top of Arthur's Seat but had forgotten to take the ring with him. Instead, he proposed before they went out for a lovely birthday meal. They did get a free glass of champagne out of it at the restaurant so he did well! 

So it was a move across the world for Emma and then a gorgeous Key West wedding on a picture perfect day. The two were married oceanside near the palms in the breeze. Family and friends witnessed the vow exchange and they all headed out on the town to celebrate. 

Congratulations to you and your families! 

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Photographer: Rachel E Ligon

Ceremony: Fort Zachary Taylor

Officiant: Key West Wedding Day