Matt & Drew and Lady Too: A Key West Wedding

Matt and Drew's story began like many others in 2011 - they met through a dating app (not the one you're thinking of!). Drew saw Matt's profile, thinking he was cute and the 89% match from OKCupid - Drew was the first to message and strike up a conversation.

Fast forward a few weeks of nearly daily messages, and they decided to meet for drinks after work at La Tasca in Old Town, Alexandria. On December 13, 2011, both wearing baby blue sweaters, they meet for those drinks, no food... although Matt still feels burned that Drew didn't order any food for them to share

They stayed for hours, talking, drinking and the connection was apparent.

Another couple of dates ensued - dinner at Medium Rare and ZooLights, the National Christmas Tree - soon after they officially started dating in January 2012.

Matt and Drew had agreed to a friends trip to Ireland in March 2017. As this would be their second time to Ireland, they scheduled four additional days to visit a new place, the UK. Matt was expecting the question to be popped, but expected it in Ireland. So he was surprised during a tour of the Tower of London and Tower Bridge that Drew announced he had a private tour arranged and they needed to grab an Uber.

The surprise was a private helicopter tour over London.

Halfway over London, Drew took out flash cards (Love Actually style, one of Matt's favorite movies). The very last card was a photo of Drew on his knee with the ring box and Lady in front of the U.S. Capitol with a chalkboard sign asking "Will You Marry Daddy?" Matt immediately said "YES!"

A bottle of champagne was waiting for them when they landed, and they celebrated with dinner overlooking St. Paul's Cathedral.

When it was time to plan the wedding they both new Key West was the place! Drew is originally from Nebraska and Matt from Baltimore and they just love the Key West vibe. They were able to bring their three year old English Cream Golden Retriever named Lady, who was also in the wedding. 

Matt and Drew said I do at the gorgeous Fort Zachary Taylor beach where they exchanged their vows near the ocean. The guests were swept away to the historic Hemingway Home for the reception and the couple had a blast celebrating!

Congratulations to you and your families!

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Photographer: Rachel E Ligon

Assistant Photographer: Karrie Porter 

Planner: Peggy Russel Destination Wedding Studio

Getting Ready Location: Old Town Manor

Wedding Shoes: Wolf & Shepard 

Wedding Suits: Indochino

Hair and Makeup: Key West Hair and Makeup

Floral and Decor: Duarte Floral Design

Ceremony Officiant: Christina Carr

Ceremony: Fort Zachary Taylor

Reception Location: Hemingway Home

Reception: Eventfully Yours

Reception Music: DJ Buggy + Rusty Lemmom

Caterer: Catered Affairs of Key West

Guest Transportation: Old Town Trolley


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