Arline & Darrell Day: Key West Wedding

Arline Zagarnaga and Darrell Brooke met online through Facebook during a business meeting. They first became friends and then started dating. Darrell had just gotten tired of the dating life after some bad dating experiences. Arline was just ending a long-term relationship for the 2nd time. She feels the fact that they both had no dating expectations from each other helped them get to know each other on a non-pretense platform. They quickly learned that they had a lot in common and got along together swimmingly. 

They often go and stay at one of their favorite places, Desert Willow in Palm Desert, CA. The property has around 13 buildings. During one of their stays, they decided to have dinner at the properties restaurant which overlooks the main pool and lower level family pool. They had few more glasses of  wine than they planned and decided to cut across from the main pool area to not disturb the other guests. Darrell tried his key to open the gate. It didn't work. Next she tries her key to open the gate. It doesn't work, either!?  With some liquid courage, she decides to jump over and open the gate for him. Wrong. It wouldn't open from the inside either. Darrell insists on jumping over. So here they were... two grown adults jumping over the pool gate. Thy ended up finding a smaller gate that one was much easier to jump since it was waist high. They felt a little foolish, but they had a great laugh knowing that they became partners in crime. 

After becoming a couple and traveling the world, it was in Maui in July of 2017 that the two were engaged to get married. Darrell had it all planned and the staff was even in on it. After dinner finished up that evening, they walked into a large grassy area where their bungalow sat over the ocean, Darrell got down on his knee and proposed. He confessed later that he was rushing back to make sure he still had daylight when he proposed. It was beautiful, romantic and memorable. 

They decided to make it official on the small island of Key West, Florida where the two exchanged vows oceanside. Guests were swept away in style on the conch train to the lovely Fort Zachary Taylor fortress. Guests enjoyed catered affairs and watched the sunset from their private fort view. Afterwards guests enjoyed some of the best food on the island and continued to dance the night away! 

Arline & Darrell are a very special couple to anyone who meets them. Darrell was named Citizen of the Year in his hometown of Monrovia ,California. The mayor was in attendance and the entire city honored them for their contributions. The Mayor of Key West also feels the same way about this special couple! They were they gifted a challenge coin and a City of Key West pin to honor their special day. BUT WAIT! For the first time in the HISTORY of my almost twenty years in the wedding business, they were granted an official proclamation and Feb 22nd was official named Arline & Darrell Day! So not only this year, but every year we will celebrate this amazing couple! 

Congratulations to you and your families! 

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Photographer: Rachel E Ligon

Videographer: Morgan Mark J Pierson Films

Planner: Kirsten Fort Zach Weddings

Bridal Suite: Hyatt Winward

Floral Decor: Milan Event

Ceremony: Fort Zach Weddings

Officiant: Michael Vernon

Steel Drum Player: Courtney Henry

Entertainment Director: Scott Gerke Visualize

Catering: Catered Affairs of Key West

Wedding Cake: Cakes by Karol