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Sabagh Fairytale Wedding in Key West

Bruna Cruz and Yihad Sabagh were casually introduced to each other in 2014 by a couple of friends. They always said hello to each passing by each other at the gym, but never thought anything of it. Years went by where the two hadn't seen each other until they ran in to each other again at the gym in 2019. After a few brief conversations and a bit...
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Mr & Mrs Jacobsen Key West Wedding

Jessica Affendakes and Colby Jacobsen met through mutual friends after college. These two are so sweet and genuine to each other. When anyone sees these sweethearts in the same room, they understand why they are meant to be! On February 9th of 2020, Colby asked Jessica to be his wife. It was a super chill evening during a cookout at their house. Th...
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Brittany + John: Gorgeous Gardens Wedding Key West

Brittany Trkulja and Jonathan Sawtelle met in high school where they grew up in Colchester, VT. She remembers the exact day when she laid her eyes on Jon. He was dressed up for a hockey game and he walked by her lunch table full of her girlfriends. She immediately asked them "who is that!?". She proceeded to follow him around the school every day a...
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Jess + Matt Say I Do and Plan to Sail the World

Jessica Rodriguez and Matthew Paranac met at work nine years ago while working at Amazon. Matt's friend Marcus told Jessica for months that she had a secret admirer. Marcus gave her a LOT of hints as to who her "secret admirer" may but it took her quite a while to guess who it was. She approached Matt and said, "Hi" but Matt looked upset and respon...
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Meredith & Chance: Dreamy Casa Marina Wedding in Key West Florida

Meredith Miranda and Chance Miller met on Bumble four years ago after Chance had recently moved from New Orleans to Houston. On their second date, they connected over their mutual love for college football. When they aren’t taking care of their fur babies, two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Beau (12) and Dash (9) they are preparing for the next c...
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Katie + Josh Say I Do on the beach in Key West

Katherine McCabe and Joshua Lefler met a little over four years ago. This love story is a fun one as Josh was actually on his second date with Katie's best friend when they first met. The best friend had brought him to trivia night. Katie asked about him a week later and her friend said he hadn’t called after trivia, and that she wasn’t into him an...
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Labriska & Jason Humphrey: A 23 Year Journey of Love

It was love at first site for Labriska Ligon when she laid eyes on Jason Humphrey. They met at a party among mutual friends. Jason started a conversation with Labriska at the card table. They spent the entire night flirtatiously talking about music and the philosophy of life. This conversation was the first of many between the two of them. Jason to...
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A Gorgeous Sunset Sail Wedding

Our meeting was unplanned and unexpected and through two mutual friends. I was living in Walnut Creek, California and received a new promotion and job in Key West, Florida. I had made closure and acceptance with my single life in California and looking forward to my last days with my closest friends. As single people do at pool parties I found my b...
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Miss + Royce Say Yes in Key West

Missi Paschoal and Royce Brown met through an online dating site and their love of professional football kept them together. Even though Missi is a die hard Patriots fan, Royce tried to convert her to become a Panthers fan. She challenged him to try. He made a bold move and sent flowers to her work that were blue and White (Panthers colors). It was...
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Matt & Drew and Lady Too: A Key West Wedding

Matt and Drew's story began like many others in 2011 - they met through a dating app (not the one you're thinking of!). Drew saw Matt's profile, thinking he was cute and the 89% match from OKCupid - Drew was the first to message and strike up a conversation. Fast forward a few weeks of nearly daily messages, and they decided to meet for drinks aft...
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A Key West Fairytale Wedding: Stacey + Kelli

On a football Saturday in October, Kelli was at the Green Door Bar with Koepf family and friends to hear Star Farm, a local favorite band play. After glancing at the bar, he saw an angel in white (Stacey) who just like himself was wearing MSU apparel and in his words “sparkling like a diamond." After remembering someone once told him that he would...
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Cruise Ship Key West Wedding

Carrie Pallesen and Robert McFarland, Jr. went to high school together but always just kind of knew "of" each other. Nearly ten years after graduation, Robert built up the nerve to message Carrie on Facebook and from that day on they never stopped talking. They love hanging out with family including their "psycho" dog named Gordon. Carrie and Robe...
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Stunning Fort Zachary Taylor Beach Wedding

Emma Lowe and Jason Siegel met in 2016 at the University of Cincinnati where Emma was studying abroad for a year. She had a class with Jason's housemate at the time and the two were introduced through him. It was a few months before Emma agreed to go on a date with Jason though, but he eventually won her over and they haven't looked back since! Th...
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Intimate Sunset Key Wedding

Emma Boyce and Damian Gomez met in Mexico a little over a year ago at a horse show. They had to pay the stable groom to come with them on their first date to translate. However, he didn't need to translate their strong connection because Emma and Damian hit it off immediately. They both share a love for horses; Emma is a rider and writes for a loca...
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Lani and Billy: Key West Boat Wedding

Lani Carwin is a realtor and Billy Campbell owns a mortgage company. It was back in 2012 when they meet through a mutual client. The two instantly hit it off but it wasn't until a little later that they officially became a dynamic duo! Lani, Billy, and Lexi, Lani's nine year old daughter love being on the water! They are very active and love water...
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