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Kira & Donovan: Key West Wedding

Kira Piccone and Donovan MCDonald met by complete fate. Donovan was a sales rep with a supplement company in the area. Kira was a manager of a nutrition store. He didn’t usually come into her location but he was passing the area and decided, why not. The company he was a rep for just so happened to be a company she was very fond of! Donovan came in...
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Kendra & Dave: Key West Wedding

Kendra Spooner and David Wojczynski met at work. They started their relationship fairly casual as it was long distance. It was quickly realized that this casual thing was becoming much more. They continued to date long distance for two years while seeing each other a couple of times a month. Kendra ultimately decided to find a new job in Chicago to...
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Madison & Taylor: A Sunset Key Wedding to Remember

Madison Alder and Taylor Sutton met the old fashion way... at a party on October 21st of 2017. Madison was invited by someone at her apartment complex, and as love and luck would have it, it was at Taylor's house. When they met, they hit it off almost immediately and have been together since. Four years later they were engaged on August 14, 2021 a...
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Rodríguez Reach Resort Key West Wedding

Angelina and Jose have known each other for years. It wasn't until they moved near each other that they fell in love. They love going on road trips with their dogs and exploring new places. On May 29th 2021, they were engaged to be married in Key West. They were walking around downtown and passed by a recently opened jewelry called Ballerina. Jose...
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Key West Love Story

Traci Craven and Adam Calderon met the modern way online. Traci noticed a picture of Adam and his brother from Fantasy Fest (a Key West festival) the previous year which she had also attended. The photo he posted eventually sparked an online discussion. Traci and Adam both share the love of Key West and the desire to make a permanent home on the is...
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Ally & Cody: Fun Beach Wedding in Key West

Ally Shaw and Cody Polifka lived in the same dorm at Georgia Southern; Cody always caught Ally's attention when passing in the halls. Ironically, the first time her and her roommate saw Cody, the roommate called dibs! A mutual friend invited Ally to a party, and as it turns out, it was in Cody's dorm room. They hit it off instantaneously, and spent...
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Brandi & Eric: Beautiful Key West Wedding Celebration Week

Eric Barton and Brandi Beach met the modern way via Facebook. In the spring of 2021 Brandi caught Eric’s eye on several occasions as her profile continued to pop up in the “People You May Know” section. Although initially nervous, he mustered up some courage and sent her a “wave”. After a review of his profile, she decided to respond with a “wave”...
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Valerius Key West Wedding

Tracy Ziegler and John Valerius met online. During the very first date, John told Tracy he managed wind farms for Duke Energy. She went to Duke University for Grad school, so she was instantly in love! They are silly in love and very happy together. They compliment each other very well and love running, traveling, watching movies together. Tracy...
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Margaret & Wes Say I DO ...Again... 40 years Later

Margaret and Wes Robinson met in London in 1981 when Wes came to the City to attend a Board meeting of the Arab Overseas Bank that he was representing as legal counsel. One of the Board members was her boss at a children's clothing boutique who insisted that Wes must meet Margaret. He was smitten but she was not interested in the least. It took We...
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Kirsten & Nancy Say Yes in Key West on 3-5

Kristen Agin and Nancy Baraky met 3 years ago on November 13, 2018. Nancy had just gotten her Real Estate License and Kristen was a Team Leader at the Real Estate office. Ten minutes into the interview they realized that they were both from Michigan, both left handed, and both had been in long term relationships. Before they left the conference roo...
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Jess & Chris Say I Do at Sunset Key

Jessica Heath and Christopher Wesley met on a random Sunday funday on the lake. Jessica was new to the city and went with her two roommates to go out with friends on Christopher’s family boat. After two years of a growing friendship, and a couple of nights before his sister’s wedding, Chris finally asked Jessica to be his girlfriend. She said “Yes!...
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Ian & Bobby: Casa Marina Wedding

Bobby Pearson and Ian Fernandez met at their favorite waterside restaurant and bar in Virginia Beach while watching football. Neither of them are football fans so it was a random chance they were there at the same time. They went on their first date the very next day and the rest is history. Bobby and Ian were both grateful to meet organically in a...
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Molly & Evan: A Local Key West Fairytale Wedding

Molly Murphy and Evan Dunaway met in the Virgin Islands. Evan lived on St. John and she lived on St. Thomas. Molly went to happy hour on St. John and met a super cute bartender! The very next day they went on a boat trip to the British Virgin Islands with friends and after that day, they were inseparable. They were constantly running to catch the f...
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Jeff & Perry: A Target Christmas Miracle

There are so many love stories to capture and so many to tell. This may be one of my favorites because it's everything I love. Target, Christmas, and Kentucky. How could things go wrong with that combo!!? Jeff Seidenfaden and Perry Rogers met at Target in the wrapping paper section. Yes, Target! The chance meeting was right before Christmas which...
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Meredith & Steve: Key West Wedding

Meredith Epstein and Stephen Cahow met in July of 2017 on the dating app called Bumble. Meredith found out right before their first date that his roommates family owned the business her mom worked for and his roommate was at Meredith's moms funeral six months before they met. Meredith still wonder what's the likely hood out of everybody you could m...
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