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Faracas Marry at Hemingway Home in Key West

Heidi Thole and Adam Faraca met using a date app, but their first dinner date turned into sushi, then drinks, and then a movie. They just enjoyed their time together, and have been enjoying every day together ever since.They love visiting art museums, cooking together, golfing and walking around exploring new places. On Sunday, October 13th Adam i...
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Mindy & Frank Say I Do in Key West!

Mindy Robinson and Francis Meyers love story starts like any other commercial for - they met online, fell in love, and got engaged! Like most modern relationships they didn’t meet in person until after chatting each other up about our shared likes, dislikes, and love of Doctor Who. Eventually they decided to meet, and after watching Mindy...
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Tonya & Mark Say Yes in Key West

Have you ever met someone and just felt home? It's silly, to say that a person can make you feel "home" but, at the same time, makes perfect sense. Your "home" is your comfort zone, your safe place, the place you can act goofy, take off your professional persona throw on your sweats and slippers and just be you. Finding someone that makes you feel...
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Sutti Wedding in Key West, Florida!

Taylor Beach and Mickey Sutti were introduced through mutual friends at the restaurant where she worked. They hit it off and became a perfectly matched couple. After three years of dating they were engaged, at a nationally famous venue (The Hall of Mirrors) inside of the Hilton Netherlands Plaza. They decided on Key West for the wedding where they...
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Key West Wedding: The Romans

Paloma Desme and Gabriel Roman met back in high school. Paloma had just switched schools and was hanging out with her friends at the first pep rally. As soon as Paloma walked in to sit down, Gabby glanced over and told her to sit with him. No shame in his game seeing as they had NEVER met! She looked at him with a “are you serious” not laughing fac...
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Jennifer & David Say Yes in Key West!

Jennifer Zecher and David Brotschol met on and soon became a couple and fell in love. Another Match success! David and Jennifer love to travel and went on cruise for her birthday. He surprised her with a proposal and a ring! Even snuck her sister on the ship to surprise her so she could be there for the proposal!! They love the beach so...
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Jessica & Dillon Say Yes at Sunset Key!

Jessica Sedivy and Dillon Crouse met seven years ago at Country Fest. A huge three day country concert at a campground. The two had mutual friends and were introduced at the festival. Well, the rest is what they say was HISTORY! The couple loves being outdoors especially when they can include their dog Ranger. They also love traveling together! T...
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Harsha & Jason : Sunset Wedding in Key West

Harsha Chanchlani and Jason Morris Met in Guam through mutual friends and she says he just wouldn't leave her alone! They were engaged on July 4th, 2020 on the beach under the fireworks. So it was natural for this adventurous couple to want to get married on the beach! They exchanged vows oceanside at the stunning Hyatt Centric Resort in Key West...
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Meadow & Hiren: Key West Wedding

Meadow Montgomery and Hiren Patel met on Labor Day. For years, Meadow worked on Labor Day but was out of work due to a whiplash injury. So on her new found holiday off, her friend and her decided to go to Twin Peaks bar in Orlando. When they sat down at the bar, she noticed Hiren immediately. They started talking and she found that he was in town t...
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Jess & Dave: Dreamy Key West Wedding

Jess Trilling and Dave Sheldon first saw each other four years ago at Chipotle. A mutual friend did her research to find out if Dave was still single. The friend gave Jess's number to one of his coworkers, and he passed it along to Dave. As a cop, you'd better believe Dave did his own research also. He ended up texting Jess the very next day. They...
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Brittany & Tyler: Two Less Fish in the Sea

Brittany Noland and Tyler Hass met online through a dating app about six years ago. They messaged back and forth for about a week before they met in person. Once they met, they were inseparable. Tyler was and is everything Brittany has always wanted in a partner. I'm sure he would say the same about her too! They fell in love quickly and soon moved...
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Jason & Jennifer

Jennifer Loyson and Jason Brown met through eHarmony with their first date being on August 8th of 2014. It took Jennifer a little while to warm up because it all seemed so easy. Turns out that this ease was meant to be! The first trip the couple ever took was to Key West and have been back to visit many times. The two were engaged in April of 2021...
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Brooke & Austin with Captain Key West Style

Brooke and Austin met in Key West at Sloppy Joes in July of 2018. They both lived in Tampa at the time, and never met each other prior to meeting in Key West. It was Brooke that went up to Austin that evening, and the rest is what we call history! They love spending time outdoors together whether it is fishing, biking, or boating. They were engage...
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Jill & Tim: Casa Marina Wedding

Jill Krajewski and Timothy Steenhoff met online. They had their first date in September of 2019 at a local restaurant so that there was an escape plan if needed! Turns out, they didn't need an exit after all! Tim met Jill's family that Thanksgiving just a few months later. She met his parents that January and they then bought a house that June....
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Liz & Mike Southernmost Wedding

Two Sides to Every Story. How did you meet? Here is Liz’s side: Liz was driving back to Baltimore from 2015 Thanksgiving dinner with the family. She called her best friend, Josh, to see if he wanted to hang out. While catching up, Liz said, “You know what would be the the perfect Christmas gift. Can you get a boyfriend?” Originally, Josh was ada...
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