Meadow & Hiren: Key West Wedding

Meadow Montgomery and Hiren Patel met on Labor Day. For years, Meadow worked on Labor Day but was out of work due to a whiplash injury. So on her new found holiday off, her friend and her decided to go to Twin Peaks bar in Orlando. When they sat down at the bar, she noticed Hiren immediately. They started talking and she found that he was in town to golf with his son. The rest is what they call... history! 

Meadow and Hiren had a long distance relationship for about a year and then she moved to Melbourne with her son to live with him. When they aren't spending time with family, they love to BBQ and have a few drinks at their house. 

In December, they had planned a trip to Breckenridge CO for Christmas with their kids. However, due to COVID everything was shut down and they had to cancel. He was planning on proposing there in Breckenridge. Meadow's mom came to visit after the holiday and right before she left town, she asked to take a photo with them while she was taking the photo, Hiren turned around, got on one knee, and proposed.  Of course, she said YES!

They tied the knot oceanside here in Key West, FL where the two enjoyed a oceanfront view for dinner and an epic sunset! 

Congratulations to you and your families!  

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Photographer: Rachel E Ligon

Planner: Say Yes in Key West

Wedding Dress: Sophia Tolli

Wedding Shoes: Rene Caovilla

Hair & Makeup: Studio Marie-Pierre

Floral Decor: Karro Event & Floral

Ceremony: Hyatt Centric Key West

Wedding Cake: Publix