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Jess & Dave: Dreamy Key West Wedding

Jess Trilling and Dave Sheldon first saw each other four years ago at Chipotle. A mutual friend did her research to find out if Dave was still single. The friend gave Jess's number to one of his coworkers, and he passed it along to Dave. As a cop, you'd better believe Dave did his own research also. He ended up texting Jess the very next day. They...
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Brittany & Tyler: Two Less Fish in the Sea

Brittany Noland and Tyler Hass met online through a dating app about six years ago. They messaged back and forth for about a week before they met in person. Once they met, they were inseparable. Tyler was and is everything Brittany has always wanted in a partner. I'm sure he would say the same about her too! They fell in love quickly and soon moved...
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Jason & Jennifer

Jennifer Loyson and Jason Brown met through eHarmony with their first date being on August 8th of 2014. It took Jennifer a little while to warm up because it all seemed so easy. Turns out that this ease was meant to be! The first trip the couple ever took was to Key West and have been back to visit many times. The two were engaged in April of 2021...
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Brooke & Austin with Captain Key West Style

Brooke and Austin met in Key West at Sloppy Joes in July of 2018. They both lived in Tampa at the time, and never met each other prior to meeting in Key West. It was Brooke that went up to Austin that evening, and the rest is what we call history! They love spending time outdoors together whether it is fishing, biking, or boating. They were engage...
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Jill & Tim: Casa Marina Wedding

Jill Krajewski and Timothy Steenhoff met online. They had their first date in September of 2019 at a local restaurant so that there was an escape plan if needed! Turns out, they didn't need an exit after all! Tim met Jill's family that Thanksgiving just a few months later. She met his parents that January and they then bought a house that June....
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Liz & Mike Southernmost Wedding

Two Sides to Every Story. How did you meet? Here is Liz’s side: Liz was driving back to Baltimore from 2015 Thanksgiving dinner with the family. She called her best friend, Josh, to see if he wanted to hang out. While catching up, Liz said, “You know what would be the the perfect Christmas gift. Can you get a boyfriend?” Originally, Josh was ada...
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Alanna + Blair: Casa Marina Fairytale Wedding

Alanna Steinmeyer and Blair Atkins met in college at George Mason University. After losing touch for about seven years, they randomly bumped into each other at a Nationals baseball game. Shortly after they went on their first date, the rest was history! They got engaged on July 27th 2019. Blair planned a big surprise and had their families and clo...
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Forever Farrell in Key West

Kate McCloud and Richard Farrell met while at a concert. Kate's brother in law is in a well known band in Philadelphia. She had gone to see them with a group of her girlfriends. They were hanging out and watching them when a girl that looked familiar to her walked by. She smiled and waved and Kate did the "I know I know you but I don't know for whe...
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Kristen & Cameron: Beach Wedding in Key West!

Kristen Nickles and Cameron Woulf both went to West De Pere High School. However, it wasn't until they were both in college on Christmas break that Cameron adde dKristen on Facebook. They began messaging each other and a few days later he picked Kristen up for their first date. Cameron showed up super fashionable in a casual "groutfit" (gray outfit...
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Here's to You Mrs Robinson

Claire Hutchins and Keith Robinson met at work after he asked her if she was a good "shot". The story behind this is that Keith likes to hunt and fish and through a mutual friend, he found out she too liked to hunt and had a "good hot". That was the beginning of his attempts to flirt with her. From there, the rest was history. They were engaged in...
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Locals Stay Close to Home for a Perfect Key West Wedding

Ashley Kelley and Conor McCullough met through Conor’s brother, Don who started working at Southernmost Beach Cafe with Ashley. One night he was sitting at the bar with his family and girlfriend. His girlfriend happened to a really close friend of Ashley's. She told Ashley that she needed to meet Dons brother Conor because they would hit it off! La...
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Aly & Cody: Key West Wedding at Casa Marina

Alyssa Eckman and Cody Snare met working a New Year’s Eve event at the Grizzly Rose in Denver, Colorado. When the busy event ended at 2:30 in the morning, they decided to go grab some breakfast. They ended up getting so caught up in conversation with each other that they were there for four hours. From that morning on, they have not been apart from...
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Burgess Sunset Key Island Wedding

Lori Lorant and Richard Burgess were introduced through a work connection. They agreed to have a dinner together and got along very well from the start. Lori and Rick both enjoy their kids and spending time with family and have seven children between them. Lori has three sons, Rick has two sons and two daughters. They have one dog, a golden doodle...
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Match Made in Key West

Nikki Stadelmaier and Steven Walker are a miracle! She was ready to get rid of the dating site when they found each other. They met at a small restaurant down by her house where they had dinner. They had spinach dip as an appetizer, the spinach was in big chunks and got stuck in her teeth. She was mortified, but they laughed about it and...
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Chantal + Blake Say I Do at Sunset Key

Chantal Taylor and Blake Beaumont met in 2015 at a Rutgers University football tailgate through mutual friends. Chantal had just moved from California to work in NYC. They literally met the same weekend she moved across the coast, and have been together ever since! This fun-loving couple loves cooking, brunching, watching movies, and being outside...
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