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Grant & Mallory: Hemingway Home Wedding

In June of 2018, Mallory Goodbar and Grant Kaffenbarger were both Camp Counselors at 4-H Camp in Clifton. One day during the camp, both counselors were playing a game with their campers and crossed paths playing with color dye. It was pretty much love and first sight and the two eventually became sweethearts. Two years later on September 10, 2020...
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Paradise Wedding in Key West : Jennifer & Randy

Jennifer Rocha and Randy Palmer met on back in 2006. Jennifer had just relocated to the Detroit area and didn’t really know anyone so Match sounded like a good plan. Randy reached out first on the platform, and after talking for a few months, they finally met in person at a restaurant for drinks. After getting to know each other they real...
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Lynsey & Angelique Say Yes in Key West

Lynsey Castillo and Angelique Deyette met 10 years ago at Lynsey's restaurant. She was working when Angelique walked in the door. Lynsey was instantly smitten at her beauty. They never spoke that evening though Lynsey kept checking on her table only to get another look at Angelique. They later bumped into each other on a dating app and briefly date...
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Mr & Mrs Zebro : Key West Wedding

Jaimie Szurek and Matt Zebro met in 2010 at a friends zombie themed Halloween party. The two had never met prior to that evening even though their friends were many of the same. In typical Jaimie fashion, she wasn't happy that one individual (Matt) wasn't dressed up as a zombie. Let's be honest - she was a bit jealous since she didn't want to be a...
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Paige & Frank: A Paradise Wedding

Paige Decker and Frank Darmante met at work. Paige interviewed for a server position at Dante's. As fate would have it, the person who normally handles hiring was out of town so Frank conducted the interview that day. Paige was hired on the spot! When she got home, she told her room mate that this job was gonna be a problem because she was very att...
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Kristin & Tyler Oceanside Key West Wedding

Kristin Kappler and Tyler Hardy met through a group of mutual friends and began hanging out together. Tyler and Kristin immediately took to each other and quickly became roommates. They had so much fun together and shortly after living together, they began dating. Tyler completely surprised her and proposed on Friday, February 12th. They were hopi...
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Katie & Andrew: Paradise Wedding in Key West

Kathryn Leonard and Andrew Deignan met online through a dating website. Katie had messaged Andrew but he took a few months to respond to her because he thought she was a scam account (beautiful woman messages guy etc). They decided to met at Yanni's in Ankeny, Iowa on a picturesque December (26th) night. They met and talked together until they were...
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Kimberly & Mark: Forever Kind of Love

Kimberly Taylor and Mark Snyder met July 4th weekend in 1988. It was the same summer that Mark graduated high school at Bethany Beach in Delaware. They both had families who had summer beach homes. They were set up by his best friend and got engaged in their 20's. Kimberly ended the engagement about a year later because she just wasn't ready. Howe...
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Jashin & Elle Say Yes in Key West

Jashin Lin and Elle Moxley were assigned to be college roommates and have been there for each other through many life events. What began as a beautiful friendship ended up being a lifelong partnership. Elle currently works Kansas City Public Schools and Jashin works at the National World War I Museum. When they aren't busy at work, they both write...
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Prentice Wedding: Casa Marina

Michelle Marguette and Daniel Prentice met online on the app Bumble over four years ago. They got engaged on their four year anniversary. Michelle came home from work and the house was decorated for their anniversary. He dressed up the dogs in the Best Dog and Dog of Honor bandanas. He came running down the stairs and proposed on one knee! Daniel...
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Elisha & Travis: Gorgeous Wedding at Ocean Key

Elisha Schultz and Travis Brummett grew up together. The first time Travis fell in love with Elisha was when they were in 6th grade and raced each other. She was extremely competitive and thought she could totally win. However, she did not take into account his really long legs. Travis won and being the sore loser she was, she kicked him in the but...
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Marissa & Doug: Paradise Wedding

Sometimes you met a couple and at that very second you just know they are in complete TOTAL love. I am a total sucker for love stories and I just love that this one has two sides! How we met: HER Version We met online. There is absolutely no other way an advanced practice nurse (dealing daily with things like blood) living/working in Baltimore w...
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Adina & Greg: Fairytale Wedding in Key West

Adina Pallante and Greg Steussing met in 2009 in New Jersey where they both grew up. Adina was friends with Greg's best friends sister. They were playing drinking games with some Johnny Walker Blue one night at the pool and the rest is history. They have had a lot of trials and tribulations along the way. Adina had an accident in 2011 that was the...
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Faracas Marry at Hemingway Home in Key West

Heidi Thole and Adam Faraca met using a date app, but their first dinner date turned into sushi, then drinks, and then a movie. They just enjoyed their time together, and have been enjoying every day together ever since.They love visiting art museums, cooking together, golfing and walking around exploring new places. On Sunday, October 13th Adam i...
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Mindy & Frank Say I Do in Key West!

Mindy Robinson and Francis Meyers love story starts like any other commercial for - they met online, fell in love, and got engaged! Like most modern relationships they didn’t meet in person until after chatting each other up about our shared likes, dislikes, and love of Doctor Who. Eventually they decided to meet, and after watching Mindy...
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